Net Zero Zone

Greenbuild 2014 was the first conference and expo to provide exhibition space where booths are fully powered by on-site alternate energy generation and distribution - Solar, Wind, Micro Turbine Generators, Kinetic and Fuel Cells.  Stay tuned for updates on the Net Zero Zone at Greenbuild International Conference and Expo or contact us below for more information on getting involved!

The Net Zero Zone featured three areas:
  • An outdoor display and demonstration area showcasing the companies and technologies providing the on-site electricity generation, storage, and distribution for the Net Zero Pavilion
  • The Net Zero Networking Lounge, located on Level 2 of the Morial Convention Center, just inside the outdoor display area, with sponsor representatives and informative presentations
  • The Net Zero Pavilion, a specially designated area inside the expo hall — powered by on-site generation — showcasing participating exhibitors' products and services.


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