Legacy Project

Each year, Greenbuild selects a community project in the city where Greenbuild is taking place and uses it as an opportunity to improve a local community and leave a lasting legacy of sustainability and the mission behind Greenbuild. Stay tuned for updates on the project selected as the Legacy Project for Greenbuild 2015.

The Greenbuild 2014 Legacy Project was submitted by the Lower 9th Ward’s Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development. CSED’s Energy Efficiency Educational Center was remodeled into a community hub for green building and energy efficiency education.

With the donation of 5227 Chartres, the Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development (CSED) had the unique opportunity to remodel a 130 yr. old historic barge board house into an energy efficiency educational center (Center). The space now showcases energy efficiency upgrades and serves as an educational and training center for the community. The house was remodeled keeping with its original barge board design. The Center is equipped with truth windows giving visitors the ability to ‘peak through’ the construction and see types of energy efficient upgrades made to the house. Placards accompany the truth windows explaining the energy efficient upgrades, their benefits, and amount of savings possible. Finally, the Center will have a room dedicated to teaching classes and DIY workshops for the community. 

The Center showcases the technologies and techniques used in reconstruction that either borrow from the best of design from centuries past and/or demonstrate how the building is designed to last well into the future. The Center will pursue LEED Silver Certification. Each phase of improvement was paired with a blower-door test in order to develop a database of replicable renovation estimates for each scope of work.

The Center continued to move ahead with the renovation and the framing was completed in fall of 2014 through Historic Green’s Greening of the Ninth program. Greenbuild provided Legacy funding to ensure the Center was completed in time for Greenbuild and was available during Greenbuild 2014 for conference attendees to tour.


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