Women in Green Power Breakfast

Women networking at the Women in Green Power Breakfast

The 3rd annual Women in Green Power Breakfast was held at Greenbuild 2014 in New Orleans. At this event, we added our voices to the global conversation surrounding women’s diverse pathways to economic empowerment.  With uniquely female determination, we explored the role of sustainability within the economy and worked together to mold a future where sustainability is seen as a natural, inalienable right, and a pathway leading women out of poverty and bringing them into a world of economic equality and opportunity for all.

With introductions by Shannon Stage, this year’s panel showcased forward thinking women leaders across the world who worked tirelessly to shape their communities and elevate the human spirit. Panelists included Martha Jane Murray, Gina Duncan, Priyanka Kochhar and Robin Carey. Kimberly Lewis will moderated.

Scholarships to attend the breakfast were made available to emerging professionals.

Check back soon for updates on the Women in Green Power Breakfast planned for Greenbuild 2015.

The 2014 Women in Green Power Breakfast was sponsored by:


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