C15 - Transforming Markets through Data Collaboration

Wednesday, October 22 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM | New Orleans Theater

Abstract Text:

The selection and use of materials is fundamental to the design, construction, and operation of built environments. For millennia, architects, engineers, and allied professionals have selected materials for their physical characteristics, such as durability, strength, or color. Recently, we have begun to recognize the important of the health and environmental attributes of materials. Yet, information on these qualities remains difficult to obtain, interpret, and apply. In this session, we hear from the people and organizations that we are the forefront of my making health and environmental data more accessible, interpretable, and, ultimately, actionable. These leaders share a vision for green building practice where the health and environmental attributes of building materials are understood and carefully considered during product selection and use. This is vision powered by transparency, critical analysis, and thoughtful decision-making. Join us to learn about cutting-edge data, tools, and services, while celebrating leadership that is breaking down barriers and changing the conversation about building materials. Moderators: Chris Pyke, PhD, Vice President, Research, U.S. Green Building Council; Ashley White, PhD, Senior Research Fellow, U.S. Green Building Council Panelists: Bill Walsh, HBN; Stacy Glass, C2C, John Knott, HPDC; Lauren Heine, CPA Lightning Round speakers: Tom Ellis, Vice President, Global Commercial Products, Armstrong World Industries, Jennifer O’Connor, President, Athena Sustainable Materials Institute, Roderick Bates, Associate and Senior Researcher, KT Innovations, Nadav Malin, President, BuildingGreen, Inc., Michael Bloom, Program Advisor, General Services Administration, Office of Federal High Performance Buildings, Greg Norris, Chief Scientist, International Living Future Institute, David Green, Applied Sustainability Analyst, BASF Corp, Amber Dzikowicz, Business Unit Manager, NSF International, Jack Armstrong, President, Acumen, LLC, Tom Lent, Policy Director, Healthy Building Network, Brent Trenga, Director of Sustainability, GreenWizard

Learning Objectives:

Describe the current state of the building materials industry with regards to health and environmental data, tools, and services

Summarize recent work by leading materials health organizations to harmonize materials data and tools

Identify emerging tools and services related to health and environmental materials data

Develop a viewpoint on the future state of building materials that will be enabled by data, tools, and services


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Education Tracks: Master Series

Event Type: Core Program > Session


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