Exhibit Hall Discussions

Earn 3 LEED CMP Credits in the Greenbuild Exhibit Hall by reading about and discussing two important green building industry topics.


Greenbuild will focus on one topic each day of the Exhibit Hall. White papers provide background information and a foundation for the Exhibit Hall Discussions. After reading the white papers, attendees and exhibitors will discuss the topic and how it relates to their green building activities and companies.

Download PDF

  Download PDF

To participate and earn 1.5 hours of LEED CMP Credit on Wednesday and Thursday, complete all four steps each day:

1.     To prepare for the Exhibit Hall Discussions, review the topic descriptions below, read the white papers, and review the suggested discussion questions.  

2.     Scan your badge at the following locations:

Wednesday, Oct. 22 | Net Zero Pavilion (in front of #2171, in front of the column)
Thursday, Oct. 23 | USGBC Booth (#2101)

3.     Discuss the topic with exhibitors

    • Wednesday: Attendees should discuss the topic with exhibitors in the Net Zero Pavilion
    • Thursday: Attendees should discuss the topic with all exhibitors

4.     Complete the online quiz related to the green building topic, which will be emailed to you after scanning in. Complete the quiz before November 7, 2014 for 1.5 CE credits.


The New Role of Buildings in the 21st Century: ENERNET

Click here for the white paper

Today’s electric systems is a centralized generation and one way delivery based on 100 year old technology limitations that no longer exist thanks to modern solid state technology. This paper describes a new power network that will do for electric power generation and distribution what the Internet did for data generation and distribution.  Most importantly, it will describe a transformation process for buildings that will employ hybrid architectures that can be incrementally applied over time to address both new and existing building stock and utility infrastructure while accelerating the use of site based clean energy and creating highly energy efficient buildings.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What limits do today’s power grid put on the extensive use of distributed electric energy generation and use?  What are the main reasons that dc power format microgrids can remove these limitations?
  2. In general terms, how does the proposed Enernet of microgrids work?  How it is similar to today’s Internet?  What’s different? 
  3. What is the EMerge Alliance and how can I get involved or just get more information from them?  How are they connecting the dots with other standards organizations like USGBC, UL, IEC, NFPA and others
  4. Who are the main providers of products and services in the areas of power generation/harvesting, power storage, power use and power control and management?
  5. What products or services are already available in these areas to begin the implementation of microgrids?

Author: EMerge Alliance


Integrating Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) into the Building Design and Construction Process

Click here for the white paper

This discussion of whole-building LCA will dive into the how this quantitative method and system of thinking can inform decision-making throughout the design and construction process. We will discuss how LCA can be integrated into schematic design (is this the right system to achieve project goals), design development (how much material is actually required), and construction development (how to choose a better product). The goal of this paper is to lay out a framework for including LCA into the common workflow of LEED project teams. The paper will conclude with a discussion of available LCA tools and current industry challenges.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Looking around the Greenbuild Expo Hall, how might different exhibitors play a role in supporting the use of LCA on a project?


  2.  What do you see as barriers to implementing LCA into the project workflow? What opportunities might make this integration easier?                                                       

       Before answering these questions, do some information gathering:

Author: LEED Department Staff- Materials and Resources Subject Matter Experts