2019 Greenbuild Legacy Project:

Hagar CTM: The Introduction to Solar in English Avenue

Setting the standard to reduce costs for tenants.

The Solar Introduction in English Avenue project involves installing solar panels on a multi-unit, low-income, senior citizen, affordable housing property located in Atlanta’s Historic Westside English Avenue Community. By installing solar panels on this property, the low-income tenants will benefit from utility cost savings associated with accessing energy, as high utility costs are often the basis for so many financially disadvantaged seniors and families losing their homes or being evicted from their apartments. 

In an effort to ensure a stable living standard for its tenants, Hagar Civilization Missionary, Inc., (Hagar CTM) the property owner and nonprofit affordable housing developer, absorbs the tenants costs for utilities. In addition to motivating other developers, providing long-term cost-savings for low-income minority families, the Solar Introduction in English Avenue project will serve as an instructional/training site for a select group of students from Booker T. Washington High School.

Thanks to a grant from Greenbuild, via the Legacy Project, installing solar panels on this property ensures its place as a durable, sustainable and ideal model for future development.

This year, Greenbuild Atlanta partnered with Sustainable Design Collaborative Atlanta for a more comprehensive project.

SDCA is an Atlanta-based team of representatives from the diverse building professions who collaborate annually on a specific community outreach project. Historically, the project organizations have a strong root in progressing sustainability and enhancing the local community.


Solar Introduction in English Avenue

Past conference-sponsored projects continue to serve their communities long after the attendees from Greenbuild have departed. These projects include a new urban food studio in Washington, D.C., a green building technology training program in Boston, and a community garden in Chicago.

The 2020 Greenbuild Legacy Project will be selected in conjunction with the San Diego Green Building Council, the Greenbuild 2020 Host Chapter. The Project will be chosen and announced in the Spring. Stay tuned for more details. If you have a project you’d like to recommend, email Nikki Layman at nlayman@informa.com.