Education Session Development

Our conferences feature educational sessions covering all aspects of sustainable design, construction, and operations practices for buildings and communities, including their impact on people, the environment, and the economy.  

The Call for Proposals and Call for Reviewers for Greenbuild is now open. If you are interested in contributing to a Greenbuild education program, please check the following links for more information about submitting an application.

The deadline for the Call for Proposals and Call for Reviewers is Thursday, Jan. 11 at 11:59pm ET.

2018 WaterBuild Summit - Call for Proposals

Submit your education proposal for the 2018 WaterBuild Summit. Summit education proposals will be accepted through 5:00 p.m. EST on January 16th, 2018. The WaterBuild Summit programming intends to inspire and facilitate discussion on water in the context of the built environment. WaterBuild 2018 will be the third in a three-year program through which USGBC will continue to drive conversation and problem solving around water. Proposals submitted to WaterBuild 2018 should relate to the universal issues surrounding water, the built environment and its impacts on human health. Chicago is an ideal backdrop for this conversation, situated near the largest surface freshwater system on the Earth – the Great Lakes - built on the banks of the Chicago River, known for its natural and man-made history, and surrounded by water-intensive agricultural land in the heart of the Midwestern United States. WaterBuild 2018 submissions should address real and potential human health impacts of water in the built environment, including issues such as urban flooding, storm water pollution prevention, and social equity impacts and explore real-world solutions for this critical topic. Submit your WaterBuild education proposal today through the Call for Proposals link above.

2018 Tour Request for Proposals & Application

Boost visibility of your sustainable project and support the 2018 Host Committee, Illinois Green Alliance, by applying to be a featured stop on one of the Greenbuild 2018 tour program in Chicago! The Greenbuild 2018 Tour Applications are now open! The deadline for submitting projects is February 16.

  1. We recommend that you fully review a PDF of the 2018 Tour Application Questions (Appendix A) before beginning the online application form to ensure that you have all the necessary information, especially security or access restrictions.
  2. Having all contact information, educational content and learning objectives in a copy-and-paste format will make completion much easier.
  3. All information is necessary to provide USGBC National with their required information and to expedite the tour selection process.
  4. Submit your online tour application here.

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Greenbuild Priorities

The following priorities have been identified for the 2018 program. However, Greenbuild remains committed to delivering a broad spectrum of education topics to reach our diverse attendees which is represented in the list below:

  • Expert-Level Sessions: Greenbuild has a firm commitment to providing educational content forthe current and future generations of green building experts. We are seeking an increase in the diversity and volume of Expert-Level (formerly known as 400-level) sessions that present detailed reviews of specific topics or work on cutting edge issues. Full description located here.
  • Immersive and Experiential Learning: Greenbuild aims to provide a breadth of educational opportunities for all learning styles and is seeking proposals that offer immersive learning experiences, including elements such as technology, deep reflection, play-based learning andactive participation. Full description located here.
  • Inspirational Content: Greenbuild is calling for education that not only imparts knowledge but inspires action. Proposals are evaluated, in part, on whether or not it offers innovative or inspirational content to green building professionals.
  • Rating System-Specific Sessions: We are seeking sessions that teach attendees about the current versions of the rating systems by providing specific, detailed information and guidance about the credit intents and requirements, supplemented with real world experiences with theLEED, WELL and SITES rating systems. Our goal is to provide attendees with at least fifteen (15)general continuing education (CE) hours per year toward credential maintenance, including the opportunity to earn three (3) rating system-specific hours. Please consult this resource for guidance on how to develop a rating system-specific session