International Summit

Local Leaders, Global Gain: Pursuing Sustainability at Every Level

The world in 2017 looks different - new social, political and environmental challenges are evident. Greenbuild 2017 is “all in” - focused on the breadth and depth of the global green building and sustainability movement, which has touched millions of lives and grown to support diverse communities throughout the world.

At this year’s international summit, we will draw attention to the critical issues we face in growing sustainability practices and the role businesses, NGOs, governments, and community leaders are playing on a local and regional level to effect market transformation.

International efforts come down to our individual, local and regional actions. The responsibility for creating a more sustainable world belongs to everyone. We are all in this together.

At the International Summit, attendees have the opportunity to hear from some of the world’s foremost leaders working toward sustainability goals across the globe.

Summit Opening Plenary Speakers

Scot Horst

Arc Skoru Inc.

John Mandyck

Chief Sustainability Officer
United Technologies Corporation

THe Who, What, When, Where and Why of the International Summit

The International Summit is perfect for…

  • Professionals working in fields dedicated to promoting sustainable international development
  • Business or government leaders overseeing operations in overseas markets
  • Local leaders of domestic cities and towns with sister-city relationships abroad
  • International government and business leaders with an interest in sustainable development

The International Summit at Greenbuild is a one-day summit that convenes multi-disciplinary leaders for dialogue, knowledge sharing and problem solving to address issues related to sustainable development and collaboration on a global scale. 

November 7, 2017, 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, Boston, MA

The International Summit at Greenbuild dials into how we can harness opportunity, scale solutions and make meaningful contributions to the global built environment so that it can adapt, sustain and regenerate generations to come. Join the U.S. Green Building Council to learn how professionals in building, infrastructure, design, manufacturing, policy and finance are creating a more sustainable world within their fields and beyond, and how rating systems like LEED are helping to advance their work. At this critical moment for the planet and all of its inhabitants, environmental issues are at the forefront of conversations at every level of government, and in businesses and organizations across industries. They are the subject of in-depth research and the inspiration for new technology and innovation. The International Summit at Greenbuild is the convener of multidisciplinary leaders and subject matter experts on these topics, who are working to increase our chances of making significant progress toward solving some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Thank you to Carrier for sponsoring the Greenbuild International Summit

Stay tuned for updates for 2017 summit updates and announcements in late spring of 2017.

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