Resilience Summit | Elevating Equity

The Resilience Summit is on Tuesday, November 19.

The green building movement is scaling up from buildings to communities to cities. Elevating equity is the landmark strategy in building resilience within the lives of people, their communities, and infrastructure. USGBC has long been focused on resiliency, defining it as “the ability to prepare and plan for, absorb, recover from, and more successfully adapt to adverse events”, and we know that more sustainable buildings are the cornerstone to enhancing community resilience at scale.

Enter the Resilience Summit. Environmental, social, and economic shocks and stressors have the biggest systemic impacts on the most vulnerable of communities. Severe weather events are more frequent and intense due to climate change. Disruptions and stressors are becoming a common concern among city officials, building professionals, and residents alike. The U.S. government spent a record amount recovering from disasters last year. 16 natural disasters – ranging from hurricanes and wildfires to floods and drought – the cost to Americans, a whopping $306 billion. The new paradigm is to embrace humanity within the solutions we seek, declaring a new living standard for all. In order to realize a sustainable future for all, the next generation of green building must focus on the development of smart and resilient cities and communities.

Our cities must champion equitable, safe and healthy development policies; focus on the implementation of interoperable platforms and advanced technologies that improve the performance of their communities and cities; and incorporate concepts like wellness and human experience into city planning, development and management. It’s about improving our quality of life and making our society not only more sustainable, but more equitable too. This summit convenes governments, developers, designers, public health professionals, and community organizations who are breaking down fragmentation in the market as they focus on resilient and equitable outcomes. Although the challenges our communities and cities face are great and many, we are determined to meet them head-on.

We are fully committed to driving a new way forward, and we know that city and community leaders across the globe are ready to meet the challenge and deliver the communities and cities of tomorrow. They are relentlessly building toward a future where everyone can thrive.