Women in Green Power Breakfast

6th Annual Women in Green Power Breakfast

Thursday, November 9

Celebrating the heros who are making change happen now!

Women are change agents; in business, in education, in healthcare, in technology and cutting-edge research, in service of our common defense, in government and in our homes. Without the powerful voices of women seeking change, so much progress would be stifled or delayed. Join us as we hear from groundbreaking women who will call upon attendees to speak up as individuals and as a group to achieve change in the workplace and the country.

Women in Green Power Breakfast - Scholarships

A portion of each ticket purchased to the Women in Green Power Breakfast go to a scholarship fund that provides complimentary, full-access breakfast tickets to eligible students and emerging professionals. Eligible scholarship recipients will be required to make a strong case for why attending the breakfast will benefit their professional and personal growth. Check back soon to find out when applications for this scholarship will be taken.