Braindates at Greenbuild

Braindates returns for Greenbuild 2018!

Each person at Greenbuild has unique experiences, successes, failures and thought-provoking stories. Braindates are one-on-one or group conversations that you book with other participants while you’re at Greenbuild. This is a free service to all Greenbuild attendees and we encourage you to experience braindating at this year's event.

Braindates is an online platform that will be integrated through the Greenbuild 2018 mobile app. Or, current attendees can get started now. Login at the button below to select your topics.

More of a visual learner? Check out the video!

Braindate logo

Braindates is available for 2018

Here's how it will work:

Attendees and exhibitors can enter topics on the platform with knowledge they are willing to share (or topics they have questions about!)

Then, others can peruse topics and request a Braindate on that topic and exchange information.