The Expo Hall at Greenbuild offers a vast array of the latest products and services available. With over 500 exhibiting companies and just two days to see it all, pavilions make navigating to the products you want to see easier to find!

Building Performance Pavilion at Greenbuild

Building Performance

This Pavilion features firms involved in the design, manufacture, installation, and retailing of products related to home and building automation and lighting.

Greenbuild Smart Energy Micro Grid Marketplace Pavilion

Smart Energy Micro Grid

The Smart Energy Micro Grid  is a must-see in the Expo Hall for its use of alternative, site-based energy to power their booth space.

Start-Up Alley

Exclusively for young start-up companies in business for less than five years, this pavilion showcases the rising stars in the sustainable building and product markets.


Learn about responsible product selection in the materials pavilion.

Health & Wellness

The Health & Wellness pavilion features building products, devices and services developed to enhance buildings and those who inhabit them.

Mindful Materials


The mindful MATERIALS Pavilion is an area for companies to clearly communicate transparency and optimization information for their building products.


The Nonprofit Pavilion at Greenbuild spotlights organizations and associations who are dedicated to promoting sustainable building design and construction.


The 100-Mile Pavilion is a local pavilion for companies that manufacture their product or or has a corporate office within 100 miles of the Greenbuild host city.

NEW! Parking and Transportation Pavilion at Greenbuild

Sustainable Mobility

New for 2018! The Sustainable Mobility pavilion highlights sustainable products and solutions in parking, mobility, and transportation.


Where you'll find responsibly-sourced wood and wood products. Products include lumber and wood, exterior finishes, and flooring systems for both commercial and residential projects.

Greenbuild Solutions Pavilion

Software & Business Solutions

The Software and Business Solutions Pavilion will showcase today’s most energy efficient software and tools in green building, along with green solutions in business.