Resilience Journey Map

The Resilience Journey Map is an attendee experience designed to guide your journey through Greenbuild on topics that are of specific interest to you. It includes education sessions, distinctive products, solutions and technology, and experiential learning opportunities.

For more than two decades, the green building movement has been helping people understand their role in protecting and preserving the natural environment and leveraging the built environment to ensure resiliency and promote sustainable design. This year at Greenbuild, immerse yourself into actionable, mainstream thinking for the design, construction, and operation of buildings; for the creation of resilient communities and infrastructure; and for the well-being of people worldwide.

International Summit

Opportunities for Greater Resilience 
Panelists will collectively discuss several successful case studies where resilience objectives were achieved at the building and community scales, through use of LEED and the RELi rating system. RELi focuses specifically on resilience by requiring projects to assess and plan for acute hazards, prepare to mitigate against disasters, and design and construct for passive survivability. 

  • Janice Barnes (Perkins & Will)
  • Jason Lorcher (Green Dinosaur, Inc.)

Discover more about this session: IS03 - Opportunities for Greater Resilience

Tours - Chicago’s Resilient Corridor

This tour will showcase sites that include a range of green infrastructure strategies such as permeable pavements, rain gardens, runnels and bioswales that will accept stormwater from surrounding streets and alleys. Passive gardens, active recreation areas and public plazas are the result of a rigorous community engagement process.

Communities & Affordable Homes Summit

Connecting Social Benefits and Building Urban Resilience. 
  • Vlada Kenniff (NYC Housing Authority)
  • Alan Cohn (NYC Dept of Environmental)
  • Kmarcella Bondie Keenan (Center for Neighborhood Technology)
  • Trine Stausgaard Munk (Ramble)

Discover more about this session: CA03 - GI: Connecting social benefits and building urban resilience

Lessons Learned: Puerto Rico Sustainable Recovery after Hurricane Maria

  • Adriana Bultron (Recurso: CIUDAD, PSC)
  • Philippe Beauchamp (Philippe Beauchamp Law Office)
  • Annya Ramirez (Marvel Architects)

Discover more about this session: CA07 - Lessons Learned: Puerto Rico Sustainable Recovery after Hurricane Maria

Innovating Equitable Processes: Lessons Learned from Resilient by Design

  • Debra Guenther (Mithun)
  • Andrea Traber (Integral Group)
  • Keith Bowers (Biohabitats, Inc.)
  • Olivia Moss (HR&A Advisors)

Discover more about this session: CA12 - Innovating Equitable Processes: Lessons Learned from Resilient by Design

Seven (7) sessions in the Resilient Design Education Track

A03: Retrofitting a pre-1940's building into a Power House.  Speakers: Kasper Ravn, Aaron Dorf, Sr. Architect (Snohetta) 

B03 & CA03: Connecting Social Benefits and Building Urban Resilience. Speakers: Vlada Kenniff (New York City Housing Authority), Alan Cohn (NYC Dept of Environmental Protection), Marcella Bondie Keenan (Center for Neighborhood Technology), Trine Stausgaard Munk (Ramboll)

C03: Immersive Biophilic Interventions.  Speakers: Bill Browning (Terrapin Bright Green), Jonce Walker (Thornton Tomasetti), Alex Mas (The Nature Conservancy in Maine), Heather Walters (Thornton Tomasetti)

D03: Resilience Tales of Scale: RELi, the City & the Roof Top.  Speakers: Molly Meyer (Omni Ecosystems), Sarah Watling (Perkins Eastman DC), Doug Pierce (Perkins+WIll), Michael Berkshire (City of Chicago Department of Planning and Development)

E03: Continuous Simulation Models in the LEED and SITES Rainwater Management Credits.  Speakers: Michael Moscariello (Arcadis), Andrew Filippi (Arcadis), Stephen Benz (SITEGreen Solutions LLC) 

F03: Preparing for Your Storm: Hurricane Resiliency isn't One-Size-Fits-All.  Speakers: Cady Seabaugh (McCormack Baron Salazar, Inc.), Lana Feix (Gardner Capital, Inc.), Dan Magni (Magni Consulting)

In the Expo Hall: Education Labs

EL14: Kohler Presents: Water Supply, Infrastructure & Conservation - Covers local and global water supply and demand issues, our current water infrastructure systems and where they are failing, and new technologies and product innovations that are helping create more sustainable water solutions for the future.

EL16: GAF Presents: Sustainability, Resiliency and Adaptability - Covers how urbanization affects designing for sustainability.

EL26: GAF Presents: Roof System Resiliency - Covers the design aspects, material components, and performance issues that result in a roof system that not only weathers the storm but helps keep a building habitable.

EL36: GAF Presents: Climate Resilient Buildings: Design for Change - Cover what climate-resilient design is all about and how it produces buildings that are better prepared for climate change and the natural disasters and disruptions it brings.

EL46: GAF Presents: Sustainable Streets - Covers sustainable streets and creating better opportunities for pedestrian traffic.