Production Company & Videography Crew Registration

Greenbuild requires all film crews requesting permission to film on the show floor to register in advance as either a production company or a videography crew.

  • A production company is a crew that is taping for a show that is in current production and booked to air on a recognized network or station. USGBC and Greenbuild will determine at its sole discretion whether a network or station is “recognized.”
  • A videography crew is a camera crew or cameraman contracted by a Greenbuild exhibitor to film solely in that exhibitor’s booth for that company’s private/non-broadcast use only.
  • Producers scouting for a show or others who do not meet these qualifications must purchase paid press passes and may not bring cameras onto the show floor.
  • Satellite media tours and “pay-for-play” agreements between production companies or videography crews and exhibitors are strictly prohibited.

Greenbuild reserves the right to remove representatives of any production company or videography crew from the show if Greenbuild deems that the company or its representative(s) in any way violated stated Greenbuild policies and/or misrepresented itself or the nature of its business. Anyone removed from the show forfeits their right to any and all refunds.

Production companies must submit a letter from the programming office of a recognized network or station expressly stating that the production company is at the show to film for a specific program. The letter must be written on company letterhead, signed by the director of programming, and must include air date and contact information. All letters will be verified with the network or station.

Videography crews must submit a letter from the exhibitor stating that the company will be working under contract to film at their booth for private/non-broadcast use only. Greenbuild at its sole discretion will determine if a videography crew meets the requirements and is thus granted permission to film at the show.

Please send verification letters to Megan Megana