My Greenbuild Journey

My Greenbuild Journey begins with my committment to healthy, efficient, and
equitable buildings and communities for all. 

Green building is a thriving and growing movement built by those who live the cause, and who make an IMPACT in their communities and beyond! 

When I Greenbuild, my impact on the greenbuilding movement is, I...

  • Enhance human health and well-being
  • Build a green economy
  • Enhance community and social equity
  • Reverse climate change
  • Restore and protecting water sources
  • Promote sustainable materials
  • Protect our ecosystems
  • Enhance building performance and energy efficiency
  • Support new technology
  • Ensure resiliency
  • Believe every building should be a green building - especially homes

Join us and other extraordinary people who will convene at Greenbuild to receive practical knowledge and applied learning solutions, as well as to connect, be inspired and advance the entire sustainability ecosystem.

Share your impact and you will be entered into a drawing for a FREE Greenbuild 3-day conference registration for any future Greenbuild, or start your Greenbuild Journey: