Journey Maps

Journey Maps are attendee experiences designed to guide your three-day journey through Greenbuild on topics that are of specific interest to you. Journey Maps include education sessions, distinctive products, solutions and technology, and experiential learning opportunities.
Materials Journey Map | Greenbuild


Responsible product selection requires careful consideration of the impacts that the content of those products have on people and planet.

Building Performance Journey Map at Greenbuild

Building Performance

Maximizing the efficiency of buildings and the built environment, its impact on the natural environment, urban environment and its users.

Resilience Journey Map | Greenbuild


Understand your role in protecting and preserving the natural environment and leverages the built environment to ensure resiliency and promote sustainable design.

Smart Energy Journey Map | Greenbuild

Smart Energy

A not-so-distant-anymore goal for energy efficiency, pushing the envelope for structures to work better for its inhabitants. 

Health & Well-Being Journey Map | Greenbuild

Health and Well-Being

Interested in advancing health and wellness in buildings and communities around the world? Greenbuild’s journey map will guide your three-day experience.

Residential Journey Map | Greenbuild


Do you believe all homes should be sustainable? Join us on this journey to benefit your personal and business bottom line, one that underscores your sustainability efforts.