Sustainability at Greenbuild

As a five-time winner of the IMEX-GMIC Green Meetings award, we are committed to raising the bar in sustainable events each year and are pleased to announce the release of the 2016 Sustainability Report. The comprehensive report details the sustainability programs implemented for the 2016 event, through a review of all objectives, goals and best practices. Case studies provide detailed overviews of sustainable strategies and initiatives, including waste diversion, attendee and stakeholder engagement, the impact of water, performance tracking improvements and community advancements.

Greenbuild Sustainability Objectives:

  1.  Move Toward a Zero Waste Event
  2. Increase Stakeholder Education and Engagement
  3. Improve Sustainable Sourcing
  4. Improve Performance Tracking
  5. Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  6. Positively Impact Communities
  7. Catalyze the Advancement of Green Building Initiatives and Sustainable
  8. Operations within the Hospitality Industry

Get involved on-site at Greenbuild!
This year as you register for Greenbuild, we're asking all attendees to take a pledge and commit to sustainable practices while you're in Boston and stop by the Sustainability Hub located in the main North Lobby near Registration to make your pledge on-site.
Chose one, or commit to them all, but join us in making this year's event the most sustainable yet by pledging to:

  • Bring my usable water bottle to avoid resource and waste impacts of disposable plastic water bottles.
  • Enjoy the host city and reduce my carbon foot print by walking to and from my hotel, using public transportation or car-sharing services.
  • Responsibly dispose of waste materials by recycling or composting at the convention center and hotels.
  • Use the linen and towel reuse program at my hotel and turn off lights when I leave my hotel room.
  • Choose sustainable, local or organic food whenever possible whendinning out during the event. 

For a look at previous accomplishments, including stories and lessons learned, access our past sustainability reports.