Sustainability is the foundation of Greenbuild

Greenbuild is the only event genuinely dedicated to sustainability in the built environment, from the sessions we present to the products on the show floor to the way the event is produced.

Greenbuild 2019 Sustainability Report

Greenbuild launched new initiatives and challenged the event industry status quo, ultimately moving the event closer to zero waste. The team successfully removed all single-use plastics from the convention center, driving Greenbuild once again to TRUE Zero Waste Platinum status. Greenbuild's 2019 sustainability report documents the specifics behind that powerful movement.

Guide to Green Meetings

To help event organizers and event partners from venues and caterers to exhibitors and everyone in between, we are pleased to release the first edition of Greenbuild’s Guide to Green Meetings. We hope that anyone can use these best practices to improve their sustainable event operations.

About the 2019 Carbon Offset Participant

The Greenbuild team partnered with the Kariba REDD+ Project, an organization which has protected over 785,000 hectares of Zimbabwe land from deforestation. Through a voluntary $15 donation collected during the registration process, Greenbuild customers donated $16,125 to help with agriculture management, education, infrastructure and improved access to healthcare clinics.

Greenbuild Sustainability Pledges

Sustainability is at the forefront of Greenbuild - especially while we're on-site in San Diego. We ask all event participants to pledge at least two bet practices they are committed to doing to keep Greenbuild, and the surrounding San Diego community, green.

  • Walk whenever possible or use low carbon transportation like bicycles, trains, and buses. If I must use Uber/Lyft/Taxi, I will carpool.
  • Consider staying at a Certified Green Hotel in San Diego.
  • Use the linen and towel reuse program at my hotel and turn off lights when I leave my hotel room.
  • Bring my reusable water bottle/coffee mug to Greenbuild.
  • Responsibly dispose of waste materials by recycling or composting at the convention center, at my hotel, and the outdoor recycling stations around the city.
  • Download and use the mobile app instead of the printed Expo Guide for Greenbuild.

Greenbuild Sustainability Objectives

  1. Move toward a Zero Waste Event
  2. Advance Stakeholder Education and Engagement
  3. Improve Sustainable Sourcing
  4. Improve Performance and Tracking Methods
  5. Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  6. Positively Impact Communities
  7. Lead the Event Industry Through the Advancement of Sustainable Event Management Initiatives

More Than Sustainability


For our event to remain relevant for the next generation of customers, we must push diversity hard at every turn, changing established thinking. Our customers recognize that we give them access to communities where they can learn more about each other and topics they're interested in. We're always looking for more and better ways to foster learning and to help them solve challenges they face. As our audience grows, we are providing ever more diverse and inclusive ways of doing this. We're nurturing an ecosystem that offers ways for customers to connect with their industry at every level, and focusing on emerging designers is one of the strongest ways we can bring diversity and innovation to the show, which in turn creates excitement and engagement. 

Our colleagues make Greenbuild what it is. They're the engine that drives our work and growth, the source of our innovation, and the guardians of our relationships. We want to do all we can to support and nurture diversity and the people behind Greenbuild's success. Culture is crucial to long-term and short-term business performance. We don't have a unitary culture because diversity gives us the freedom and flexibility to adapt, but there is much we share and have in common in terms of values: we are people who understand people.

Everything we do goes towards creating the ultimate experience: making a safe, inclusive space for people to gather and celebrate together. This is a place to discover, celebrate, and belong, and we want to have an inclusive culture that makes everyone feel welcome and allows them to be who they are.